Posting From StreetReader Web Interface

Create a new post and publish it to StreetReader

1. Enter a title. We recommend capitalizing the first letter of each word in the title.

2. Enter the body of the post.

3. Select a source. Your company is the default value. We recommend using the underlying source of the information like the research provider, news source, asset manager, etc.

4. Select a “posted by” individual. Your name is the default value. You can change this to someone else at your firm if you are posting on their behalf.

5. Optionally add an attachment. You can add multiple attachments.

6. Optionally add a post image. You can only have one post image.

7. Select one or more categories. You must have at least one category.

8. Click publish to post it to the app. You can optionally mute notifications if you do not want your users to get a mobile notification.

Note: If you want to add an additional source or “posted by” name, please get in touch with us at