The Most Powerful Way to Deliver Your Investor Relations Program To Your Executives

The Launch Edition of StreetReader Is Here

When we set out to create StreetReader, we had a belief that investor relations officers and their teams needed a better way to communicate with their executive team. What we have learned over the past year is that StreetReader can solve many more problems. As one of our beta users said it best, “StreetReader allows us to put our IR program right in the pocket of the executives.”

We have spent months listening to our beta users and the many experts in the industry who have graciously given their time to help us. We are happy to announce that the launch edition of StreetReader is now available in the Apple app store and Android Play store for download.

When you sign up for StreetReader you get access to the most powerful way for IR teams to communicate with key stakeholders in their company.  

Every StreetReader client gets:

  1. A clean, simple experience specifically crafted to capture the attention of busy executives delivered in a mobile app so they can get to the information that matters anytime they need it.
  2. The ability to post updates on all the important developments in the IR program including investor meetings, analyst research, competitive intelligence, internal strategy and stock updates.
  3. Enterprise-grade security to ensure that sensitive internal information is always kept private with industry leading encryption and data security protections.
  4. Detailed analytics on usage so IR teams can track what executives find most useful and focus their efforts on the most impactful information.

We put two data points on our website from Rivel Research which clearly articulate why we believe that StreetReader will become a critical part of every IR program in the world.

  • In a survey of CEOs and CFOs, 79% of respondents stated that keeping management informed of investor concerns was the most important metric for IRO performance.
  • In a survey of the Institutional Buy-Side, 91% of investors believe that informing management of investor concerns is the top driver of IRO credibility.

Today marks another beginning of our journey. Please reach out to us and we can set up a demo with all of the powerful new functionality in our launch edition.