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What is the most important factor driving group effectiveness? Is it strong leadership, a clear vision, or well-defined roles? Perhaps the key is stable team membership, adequate resources, or incentives and recognition? A Harvard study on the question found a surprising answer — none of the above. In fact, the most important factor was the amount of help that team members gave each other. Teams that focus on giving contribute to building great organizations. Wharton management professor Adam Grant succinctly drove home the point in his article on the subject: “If you want it, go and give it.”

At StreetReader we believe that many Investor Relations programs at public companies have the potential to have a much greater impact on their organizations. IR programs that focus on keeping senior managers and board members well informed can create tremendous value and make a material difference in a company’s operational effectiveness. However, IR teams that lack the necessary tools will be unable to unleash their full potential.

Today, we are introducing the beta version of the StreetReader platform. If you are an investor relations professional or senior executive, join us to find out how StreetReader can transform your internal IR communications.

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StreetReader is the leading investor relations engagement platform. We empower Investor Relations programs to dramatically enhance their communications. StreetReader enables effective communication of critical insight to internal stakeholders and helps IR teams gain recognition for their work. Learn more at