Upgrade your Investor Relations communications.


Communicate critical insight to your internal stakeholders.  

Get recognized for your work.


Upgrade your Investor Relations communications.


Communicate critical insight to your internal stakeholders.

Get recognized for your work.

At StreetReader, we have a fundamental view that Investor Relations is often an under-leveraged asset in many companies and will continue to gain in importance and prominence as a critical business function.

Improve communications

StreetReader is a powerful way to manage communication and messaging with your internal stakeholders.

Demonstrate thought leadership

StreetReader ensures that your thought leadership and insights deliver maximum value.

Ensure consistent messaging

StreetReader drives transparency, awareness, and consistency of messaging internally and externally

"This is how our senior executives should get all the information on what our investors and the Street are thinking"


- Senior Exec at a $30B+ public software company

"There is a huge appetite internally for more investor relations information."



- VP, Investor Relations, $5B public energy company

StreetReader is the only solution built specifically to ensure your executive team knows what the investor community is thinking in real time.

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Deep Investor Insight

Know what your current shareholders, prospective investors, and analysts think about your company and competitors.

Beyond Market Data

Stock prices and traditional market data explain "what" is happening but are not sufficient to understand "why."  Here's the "why."

Competitive Intelligence

Stay on top of what your competitors are saying about their strategy and how the market is reacting.


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Our Story


Boris Markovich is the co-founder and CEO of StreetReader. Prior to StreetReader, he built and led product teams and business lines at leading financial software and technology firms, including Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters. In his previous life, he was a sell-side equity research analyst and Head of Research for investment banks in the U.S. and Asia.


Mike Stepanovich is the co-founder of StreetReader. Prior to StreetReader, he founded and led ONEaccess which became the global leader in buy-side research MIFIDII solutions and was acquired by Visible Alpha in 2016. Previously he had a 20 year career at Thomson Reuters in various senior business leadership, product and sales roles.

We built StreetReader to improve the engagement between senior leaders at publicly traded companies and their investor stakeholders including current investors, prospective investors, and the analyst community.

As new regulations and operating models continue to transform the landscape for investment banks and institutional asset managers, executives at public companies will need to ensure that they have great investor relations programs to keep up.

The Key to Productivity? Eliminate Reliance on Email

Because email is such a collaboration killer, teams that rely on it to function are rarely performing at optimum levels.

It’s a story that’s all too familiar: You have a piece of valuable information you need to share with your colleagues and across the executive team. This communication is crucial to ensuring the current top-priority project is completed on time and under budget. So, you shoot out an email in the hope that it will successfully get everyone on the same page.


Four Reasons the Role of Investor Relations is More Important than Ever

Investor Relations will continue to gain in importance and prominence as a critical business function

There are many duties and responsibilities that keep Investor Relations busy and on the ball around the clock. Helping raise capital, engaging with analysts, marketing to investors, communicating financial results, managing expectations, and tracking the stock price



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